Through education, practice and training, Active Movement seeks to improve the health and fitness of its members, enabling them to pursue their desires and achieve their goals.

With in-depth expertise in the health and fitness arenas, Active Movement offers unique services and resources for its members, including group classes, skill sessions, personal coaching, personalized biomarker tracking and skill-based clinics, among others.

The coaches at Active Movement are passionate about what they do, helping others obtain health, wellness and functional fitness goals. They understand that no two members are alike and are able to adapt and tailor programming to each individual’s needs, while also creating a fun and motivating environment.

Having and defining a “why” is important to achieving any goal, as it is a motivator and a driving force behind any achievement. Here, at Active Movement, we strive to help members with identifying their “why” and change any mindset barriers to avoid stagnation and help them move toward their health and fitness goals.

About Our Facility

Our newly renovated 4,000-square foot facility, includes:

  • A shower;
  • A separate kids’ playroom;
  • An open workout area with new, top-of-the-line equipment;
  • Separate, spacious reception area;
  • Air conditioning in the main areas of the facility;
  • Two full-time coaches whose life’s passion is in the pursuit of health and fitness; and
  • And a prime location on the east side of town that is easily accessible and close to major retailers.