Are you ready to become a part of the movement toward better health and fitness? We’re ready to welcome you into our community and help you identify and achieve your goals.

New to Active Movement?

Rejoining Active Movement?

Our Pricing

  • New Member Baseline Development

    New members are required to complete one-on-one sessions to start building a positive member-coach relationship and establish a baseline before joining our class setting. Upon signing up, a coach will personally assess your experience and background, and one of the following options will be recommended.

    If you do not have a background in fitness or a considerable amount of fitness experience, we require you to complete three one-hour one-on-one sessions. These sessions will teach the basic ways of moving, including hinging, squatting, pushing and pulling, as well as how to use various tools within the gym.

    Three One-on-One Sessions: $174.99

    If you have experience or a background in fitness, we require you to complete one one-hour one-on-one session. This session will test your understanding of fitness, as well as allow us to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses to better understand your needs and goals. This session may also include more technical movements, such as Olympic lifts, muscle-ups and doubleunders.

    One One-on-one Session: $69.99

  • Personal Coaching

    Active Movement understands that training is multi-faceted and requires different paths for different individuals. Day-to-day life can be demanding and the ability to work around time constraints, while also delivering high-level and highly individualized training, is paramount to effecting personal change.
    One-hour Session – $65
    30-minute Session – $35

    *Fostering a positive member-coach relationship and reinforcing a commitment to change is at the core of Active Movement’s personal coaching sessions. Therefore, we ask new personal coaching members to commit to three personal coaching sessions upon joining.

  • Group Class Coaching

    Active Movement offers monthly and session pass memberships to accommodate different schedules and needs. All new Active Movement members must complete New Member Baseline Development before joining the group class setting.

    Monthly Memberships
    Unlimited – $160
    12 Sessions per Month – $144 Month ($12 per Class)
    *If members go over their session allotment, additional classes will carry a $5 charge.
    8 Sessions per Month – $120 per Month ($15 per Class)
    Sessions can be used on group classes, Circuit Sundays and any programs scheduled in lieu of these classes. Open gym is free for monthly members. Unused sessions cannot be carried over into the next month.

    Session Pass Membership
    10 Session Pass – $170
    Sessions can be used on group classes, Circuit Sundays and any programs scheduled in lieu of these classes, and expire in 60 days.

    First Responders/Military/Teachers – 7 percent
    Family/Students – 10 percent

  • Add-on Services & Programs

    Additional add-on services and programs will be launching in 2019 and can be layered on to the base membership to enhance member experience and personal results. These add-on services and programs will include personalized biomarker tracking and skill-based clinics, among others.

    Individual Skill Session – $35

  • Drop Ins

    Active Movement welcomes all those who have a background in fitness or a considerable amount of fitness experience to drop in to a group class.
    Drop-in Fee – $20