With in-depth expertise in the health and fitness arenas, Active Movement offers unique services and resources for its members, including group classes, skill sessions, personal coaching, personalized biomarker tracking and skill-based clinics, among others.

Click on one of Active Movement’s services and programs below to learn more.

  • Personal Coaching

    Active Movement understands that training is multi-faceted and requires different paths for different individuals. Day-to-day life can be demanding and the ability to work around time constraints, while also delivering high-level and highly individualized training, is paramount to effecting personal change.

    Active Movement offers 30-minute and one-hour sessions to work one-on-one with one of their highly trained and experienced coaches. Personal coaching is available to everyone, and you do not need to participate in group classes to take advantage of Active Movement’s one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

    Before starting personal coaching, members are required to meet with a coach to discuss their goals and start forging a positive member-coach relationship. All personal coaching is unique and tailored specifically to each member and their goals.

  • Group Class Coaching

    Active Movement’s one-hour group classes are designed to be small and personal, in order to maintain a high-quality coaching environment that benefits both the member and coach. Keeping classes small and personal is important for member growth and individual attention, while also surrounding members with like-minded individuals that are all seeking positive change. Working out alongside peers pushes members to higher levels of achievement and establishes a strong support system.

    While members work out alongside their peers, the coaches at Active Movement always keep the individual in mind, tailoring sessions so each person is challenged, while also remaining safe and getting an effective workout.

    During group classes, the coach is solely focused on working closely with the class and members in the class, observing each individual’s movement and providing feedback. These classes constantly change and are not limited to one form of exercise – gymnastics, strength training or cardio – and members will occasionally see repeat workouts programmed to serve as a guide on overall improvement in speed or strength.

  • Move

    Move is a streamlined 30-minute class designed to get members moving without barbells. Move is stamina-based training tailored to get members breathing and tone muscles in a short timeframe that easily fits into all schedules.

  • Circuit Sunday

    Circuit Sunday is a one-hour circuit/interval-based class on Sundays. This class strategically blends cardio, weightlifting and gymnastics into an action-packed hour that is designed to provide members with an effective and efficient workout before heading into the work week.

  • Open Gym

    Active Movement opens their facility up to members on Saturday mornings. This two-hour open gym allows members to create their own workout, make up one they had missed or train with friends that go to other class times. A coach is on the floor during open gym and is there to provide helpful advice and tips for those looking for guidance.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is an excellent addition to any strength and conditioning training, as it can increase flexibility and stamina, improve body alignment and awareness, enhance balance, and reduce stress.

    This weekly one-hour yoga class is a flow-style yoga based on the Ashtanga lineage of poses. The class is for all levels – beginner to experienced – and adaptations and modifications are made to make this class suitable for anyone looking to integrate yoga into their routines.

  • Individual Skill Sessions

    For those looking to put in extra time to refine a movement or hone a skill, Active Movement offers one-on-one skill sessions with one of its highly trained and experienced coaches. These sessions are designed to focus on some of the more technical movements that are seen in the fitness environment, including doubleunders and muscle-ups

    Individual skill sessions are 30 minutes and are only available to members.